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Micheal Smith sits on his dad's Kinko's Kawasaki Supersport bike, one which he used to defeat Miguel DuHamel once. (Smith Sr. that is)

Mat Mladin tries on a fan's stovepipe hat, Laguna Seca World Supers 1997.

Bob Hale (center) and crew celebrate Mike Hale's first Superbike win, Pomona 1995.

Roger Lee Hayde, 125 rider, Sears Point 1999.

Colin Edwards II and Pascal Picotte replenish their fluids post race, Road Atlanta 1993.

Russell leans over the VR 1000 he rode in the final years of his career.

Sears Point 1997. Doug Chandler leads Tom Kipp, Aaron Yates, Mat Mladin and Steve Crevier.

Doug and Sherry Chandler celebrate DC's third Superbike title.

Virginio Ferrari leans over Carl Fogarty's Ducati World Superbike machine.

Ben Bostrom talks set-up with his mechanic, Bobby Weindorf.

Larry Pegram poses with Eraldo Ferracci and Ducati 996.

Hmmm ... Kevin Schwantz in crutches. Must be Laguna Seca 1994.

Troy Corser and Frankie Chili share a laugh at Brands Hatch in '97.

Where it all started for the Hayden family--dirt track racing. Father Earl says he chose the number 69 for himself because it looked the same no matter if the bike was right side up, or upside down.

Kel Carruthers and Kenny Roberts chat, Daytona 1972. (Image by Al Ivins)

Roberts gets an earful from Bob Barnard, Laguna Seca 1993. Little known fact: Roberts was interviewed on NPR that weekend.

Superbike champion Miguel DuHamel discusses set-up with his crew, Sears Point, 1996.

In the history of AMA Superbike racing there is only one 'the pass' and it happened at Road Atlanta in 1998. DuHamel put the move on Gobert for the win.

Ben Bostrom, RC45 Honda Superbike, 1998.

The hardest thing for three-time world champion Wayne Rainey to deal with as a team manager was having riders who didn't give 100% all the time. Here he watches Sete Gibernau catch his breath.

DuHamel discusses VR 1000 with Harley-Davidson team manager Steve Scheibe. Little known fact: DuHamel qualified the VR on the front row at Mid-Ohio in 1993.

Three time AMa 250 champion John Kocinski holds up a sign for hospitalized Rainey to read on the grid, Laguna Seca USGP, 1993.
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